Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth are actually the third molars. They are expected to first appear in the late teens to early twenties. They show higher rate of growing in the wrong direction within the jaw bones.

Pain Associated With Wisdom Teeth Can Include:
  • Jaw pain sometimes radiates to ears
  • Headaches
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Jaw infections
  • Decay to adjacent teeth
  • Cheek ulcers
  • Crowding of front teeth

If you have any of these problems, your wisdom teeth could be responsible for them. A careful examination with wide view Panoramic Xray (OPG) can detect them within seconds.


Then, it comes to the decision about removing problematic third molars. This area of the jaw has very sensitive nerves and blood vessels. Possible risks and complications must be thoroughly considered. Most of the cases can be done in the chair with some sort of sedation plus the anesthetics.

Good planning and experience of the surgeon play major role in healthy recovery. A 3D Xray or Cone Beam CT can fully show the position of the tooth and the surrounding nerves and bones, making the surgery more predictable and faster.

We offer all our dental procedures under Sleep Dentistry also known as IV Sedation Dentistry. A specialist medical anesthetist will be present for the entire procedure to perform and monitor the sedation.

The benefits of sleep dentistry are that it allows the patient to be completely relaxed and dizzy at the dentist to receive their dental treatment without any stress. when you wake up, you can hardly remember anything. Talk to use to get an understanding of the cost of the procedure.