Our Technology


CAD/CAM provides precise tailor-made teeth fixtures

CAD/CAM is a modern, high-tech alternative to traditional dental crowns. A 3D scan is taken of your tooth so that a crown can be cut from a solid ceramic block, removing the need for uncomfortable impressions. The precision of this system allows for an accurate fitting of the crown which bonds to your own tooth.


CAD/CAM restorations can be used to:

• Replace old amalgam restorations that are breaking down
• Cover heavily filled teeth to prevent further cracks, splits and fractures
• Replace natural tooth structure that has been damaged or lost due to decay or tooth wear
• Improve the appearance of heavily filled teeth

The benefits of CAD/CAM restorations are:

• Minimal loss of healthy tooth structure compared to other restorative methods
• Only one visit is required
• No impressions required
• No temporary crowns or temporary fillings required
• Metal-free and bio-compatible materials
• Highly aesthetic- natural tooth colour and shine
• Stronger than composite resin tooth coloured restorations
• Long lasting

Computerised Root Canal Navigation

It’s a device that determines the length of the tooth root and controls speed and torque of the cleaning tips to prevent any serious accidents that used to complicate this treatment for years. It also reduces the need for X-rays required to view the various steps of the treatment.

3D Root Canal Thermofillers

This is becoming the standard technique of filling the roots as it allows no space for bacterial re growth and raises the success rate of Root Canal Treatment to as high as 97% in recent studies.

Cone Beam CT scans

3D Dental CT which could deliver minimal amounts of radiation compared to regular CT with very high accuracy to view the teeth and jaw bones in 3 dimensions. It is absolutely necessary before attempting any implant placement and most of wisdom teeth removal and is a very helpful tool to view complex Root Canal systems. This technology controlled risk during dental surgeries and minimised it to make things more predictable. It gives us all the information needed about bone quality and volume and also views all important structures in a single view. Dr Samy is one of Australia’s first dental practitioners who has extensively studied this field at King’s College in London along with his ongoing post graduate studies in the UK. Both himself and Dr Taz are licenced operators of this advanced Technology.

Guided Surgery (Key Hole Implants)

A brilliant software that allows the surgeon to virtually place the implant and plan for the tooth restoration before touching the patient. A precise guide is made to assist the implant placement with a single entry not more than 4mm wide with no pain and in most cases not even a single stitch. This technology allows dental implant patients to return to work the following morning and obviously eliminates the major known implant surgery risks


dental lasers are the future of this profession and because we are inspired by this future to make it today we are equipped with lasers which makes recovery much easier and faster for many procedures. It controls possible bleeding and is a very effective anti-bacterial technology.